Core Brokerage System

What you get with CBS


Back Office System

The Back-Office platform is a complete suite of broker management tools including: manage interactions with customers and potential customers, compliance, treasury, sales, support, user roles, client agreements, reminders, requests, reporting.

Client’s Portal

Access the client’s page by using a registered email and password. Clients can deposit, withdraw, convert funds, request internal transfers, upload documents, create accounts, and more.

Affiliate System

Increase efficiency by providing partners the ability to manage and close clients with a specifically tailored version of the back office.


We offer a wide variety of customizable reports and statements to fit your needs. From activity, trade, risk reports to advanced performance analysis.

Automated KYC

Integrated eKYC allows companies to quickly establish profiles with uniform data, making for a faster, optimized onboarding process.

Risk Management

The simplest and most effective risk management, using A/B-book strategies, NOP controls, Report DataBase and WebAPI/ManAPI solutions.

Core brokerage system

The core brokerage system is varied in nature and depends on the type of customer base that the broker is catering to. The basic goals of the core brokerage system are providing greater customer convenience and cutting down on operational expenses. Hence, while the customers benefit from having more freedom in transactions, the brokers profit from lesser time and resources spent on repetitive activities.

Powerful core brokerage system

Can be used both for Stock and FX brokers
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Customize reports
API Payments

AI-driven Business Intelligence products
to help you work smarter

Based on various big data such as customer attributes and contract attributes related to foreign exchange transactions accumulated by the Group, statistical analysis is performed using data analysis technology such as machine learning / artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and the above analysis results are analyzed.