Electronic Know Your Customer

What you get with eKYC


ID Document verification

Integrity, authenticity checks, and database checks.

Biometric checks

Matching an ID with a selfie, liveness checks


PEPs and sanctions lists and third-party databases.

About SafeKYC

SafeKYC is using machine learning to provide organisations with faster access to robust identity and background checks for employees and clients. Backed by EAERA, the platform plugs into various publicly available databases to give employers quick identity verification and background checks for things like employment and criminal records. In their own words, SafeKYC’s “intelligent software revolutionises the archaic background checking industry through automated data aggregation and verification”. Where this can help with regulation is for employee background checks and anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC) regulatory requirements.

AI-driven Business Intelligence products to help you work smarter

Based on various big data such as customer attributes and contract attributes related to foreign exchange transactions accumulated by the Group, statistical analysis is performed using data analysis technology such as machine learning / artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and the above analysis results are analyzed.