Internships at EAERA

We are always looking for talented individuals to join EAERA, if you think you have something that you can bring to the team, send us your CV!

This year, we have decided to participate in the internship program in Montenegro, which will take place from January 2021 to October 2021. This is an opportunity for all young people without experience to enter the labor market and gain their first experience in the chosen profession.

If you are interested in learning new things, developing a career in a company that cooperates with clients around the world, working on big and interesting projects with an international team of experts, EAERA is the company for you.


Marketing is everywhere—from B2C (business-to-consumer) to B2B (business-to-business) and from the fonts you use to the coffees you drink.

The concept of marketing is a dynamic concept. It has changed altogether with the passage of time. Such changes have far reaching effects on production and distribution. With the rapid change in tastes and preference of people, marketing has to come up with the same.

Marketing as an instrument of measurement, gives scope for understanding this new demand pattern and thereby produce and make available the goods accordingly.

In EAERA, you will have the chance to learn about:

  • Communication in B2B business
  • Developing a Marketing Strategy
  • Branding and Design Communication in B2B business
  • E-mail marketing
  • Social Media Marketing and much more…

You have an opportunity to feel at the beginning of your career what it is like to work with international clients and how important it is to adapt your marketing strategy to different markets.

If you are someone who is tech-savvy, passionate to learn and eager to adopt new technologies you are the right fit for EAERA. The selected individual will be part of a talented engineering team working in a fast-paced and result-driven environment. You will get a chance to learn from experts with more than a 1o years of experience in working with:

  • Ruby (the language) and Ruby on Rails (the framework)
  • Designing and developing front end applications using VueJs
  • Developing back end applications in python and .NET
  • Developing APIs and messaging protocol between components

Soft skills you will gain:

  • Ability to grasp technical and financial concepts quickly
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Ability to work under pressure and handle emergency situations effectively
  • Good problem-solving skills
  • Paying attention to details

EAERA Culture

EAERA was founded in 2015 with its headquarters in Montenegro. For over five years we’ve been providing solid technology solutions to foreign exchange, energy, precious metals, and CFD brokerage firms. We have built the company from scratch with three people. We consider it the company’s strength when we learned discipline, humility, and courage from failures and successes.

EAERA collective consists of passionate and ambitious professionals who indulge in every task with devotion and enthusiasm. We are always happy to meet new people who share the same passion for learning and developing new and unique products.

Our main goal in EAERA is to preserve the culture of creativity and freedom of expressing new ideas. 

Work hard, play harder!

We know it is just a popular mantra, but we decided to take it as a rule. Our collective is made of young and creative people, and we aim to stay like that – and what is the better way than partying together, traveling, hitting the gym and then bringing the tone of the snacks back to the office to regain what’s lost, right?  🙂

Mr. Lu: "Why so serious, people?"

Meet our favorite colleague: Mr. Lu! Why favorite? Well, if his fluffiness is not enough for you, than his character will be. He is our Mood Booster and his job is to make everyone happy. We can tell you that he is taking that job very seriously. 

Don't be nervous, human

Meet our favorite colleague!

Join our team

If you have some questions or want to schedule a meeting with us to find out more about the internship in EAERA, feel free to contact us. We are waiting for you!