Liquidity Solution

What you get with Liquidity Solution


7 Asset classes

Cash equities, CFDs, Foreign Exchange, Commodities, Futures, Crytocurrencies, Indices.

700+ Instruments

Access to competitive liquidity, even during volatile periods

Executions from 10ms

Our system provides ultra-low latency with direct fiber connections to all liquidity providers in Equinix NY4

24/7 Tech Support

Our global Managed Service Desk provides out of hours, multilingual IT support.

Aggregate prices

Aggregate prices across any number of liquidity providers


Connecting directly to our aggregation engine with qualifying monthly volume metrics.

AI-driven Business Intelligence products to help you work smarter

Based on various big data such as customer attributes and contract attributes related to foreign exchange transactions accumulated by the Group, statistical analysis is performed using data analysis technology such as machine learning / artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and the above analysis results are analyzed.