Risk Management 


What you get with RMS



Real-time risk management, visualization, and managing risk effectively starts with instantaneously seeing all of your client and proprietary positions and their associated risk aggregated across all of your trading servers. 


EAERA Risk collects trading data from all connected providers and generates advanced execution reports. Receive detailed statistics for liquidity providers and answer client execution complaints accurately. EAERA Risk also generate reports to support your regulatory requirements.


Visual and audio alerts are triggered when there is a trade exception, position exception, or a connection issue. In addition, email warnings are sent to end users if there is a connection issue.

Stress Test

Showing the impact in the group income statement as maximum loss result if the exchange rate is shifting a certain percentage up or down.

Credit Risk

Our credit risk assessment delivers credit scores, models and tools to ease your workflow. Access a centralized source for the credit risk intelligence you need. Make informed decisions.

Value at Risk

Value at Risk is a number that represents an estimate of how much your portfolio may lose due to market movements for a particular time horizon and a given confidence level (probability of occurrence)

Risk Management System

The core brokerage system is varied in nature and depends on the type of customer base that the broker is catering to. The basic goals of the core brokerage system are providing greater customer convenience and cutting down on operational expenses. Hence, while the customers are benefitted by having more freedom in transactions, the brokers profit from lesser time and resources spent on repetitive activities.

Powerful risk management system

Can be used both for Stock and FX brokers
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Alert rules

AI-driven Business Intelligence products to help you work smarter

Based on various big data such as customer attributes and contract attributes related to foreign exchange transactions accumulated by the Group, statistical analysis is performed using data analysis technology such as machine learning / artificial intelligence (AI) technology, and the above analysis results are analyzed.